• Pem Paddick

So here we go again - Lockdown take 3

Many of us will be already on top of the key points below, important to remember the lessons learnt from Lockdown one and two and to recheck, re-validate and re-issue documents.

Employers have a duty of care towards the health, safety and wellbeing of their staff, and this extends to those who work from home

Key Points to Review & Revisit:

Ö Home working Policy – Review, update & resend to all staff

Ö Temporary Home working Agreements – Review, update & resend if needed

Ö Home working Questionnaire/Checklist – Review, update & resend

Ö All employees should be reminded of the Company’s usual health and safety policies, and that these continue to apply even whilst working from home.

Ö Does your employee have all the tools and equipment they need ⁉

Ö The Company’s current data protection policy – Review, update & resend to all staff.

Ö All employees must be fully trained on the requirements of the GDPR and how to maintain data protection in the Company.

Ö Maintaining contact with homeworkers - (Have regular virtual meetings through the use of Teams, Zoom or other software. Make sure all staff are able to contact who they need to, such as IT and management. Encourage staff to come forward with any concerns they may be having).

Ö Homeworker inclusion (Everyone working from home should be included in all staff meetings, training opportunities and important developments. They should also be granted equal opportunity for promotion, or other opportunities within the Company).

Ö Wellbeing and Wellness support and tools to be resent to all staff.